Sasupra produces and trades a range of biofuels, made from mixed hardwoods and softwoods and with varied energy potentials. Our line of biofuels includes wood shavings, firewood, pellets and sawdust briquettes. While firewood and wood shavings are traditional biofuels, pellets and sawdust briquettes are biomass products.

Biofuels are fuels of non-fossil biological origin. In other words, biofuels are flammable materials produced from contemporary biological sources, such as plants. For economic reasons, biofuels are usually made with products that otherwise would be thrown away. For this reasons, they present an additional benefit: they help preventing waste.

Wood is a formidable source of renewable energy, and has been used as such for millennia. This happens because harvested trees can be replanted in durable manner. It is also a carbon-neutral source of energy, because trees grow by capturing carbon from and the atmosphere and storing it on their wood. When wood is burnt, the same amount of carbon is released in the atmosphere once again. And Besides being renewable and carbon-neutral, wood can also be a green or eco-friendly source of energy. Although in large cities and buildings other sources of renewable energy might be preferable, it can be interesting for rural and small households because it does not depend on the existence of expensive distribution infrastructure, and because it can be more efficient (the longer the distance energy is transported in the distribution infrastructure, the larger the waste of energy). As a consequence, wood is classified by the European and the United Nations as a renewable source of energy, and it remains the primary source of energy in many small and rural households and industrial buildings.



We are a leading producer and trader of sawn timber and lumber, cut to size and finished or semi-finished for a range of purposes.

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Sasupra produces stakes and posts made of quality softwoods, which are used in gardening and fencing.

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Sasupra is a leading producer and trader of fresh round logs from a range of wooden species, especially Northern Hemisphere Pine logs and Spruce logs.

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