Sasupra is a young but strong company, rapidly expanding. Created as a result of a demerger from another company in the wood industry, we strive to build solid business relationships with our clients and provide them with timely deliveries.

In recent years we have steadily extended our operations in order to source reliable supply of a variety of wood species, and reduce transportation costs and emissions. While our head office is located in central Vilnius, Lithuania, we have production and loading facilities in Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and the other Baltic Countries. Our extended operations allow us to react promptly to changes in the market, and to supply our clients with a range of wood products sourced in a variety of locations.

Our facilities and equipment include loading docks, automatised sorting machines, transport and loading vehicles, sawmill machinery, and equipment for increasing the resistance of our products against bacterial and fungal degradation (kilns for heat drying our products, and chemical bath tubes for applying anti-stain and other treatments).



Sasupra produces and trades a range of biofuels, made from mixed hardwoods and softwoods and with varied energy potentials.

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Sasupra produces stakes and posts made of quality softwoods, which are used in gardening and fencing.

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We are a leading producer and trader of sawn timber and lumber, cut to size and finished or semi-finished for a range of purposes.

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Sasupra is a leading producer and trader of fresh round logs from a range of wooden species, especially Northern Hemisphere Pine logs and Spruce logs.

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