Pine logs

Sasupra is a reliable supplier of Pine logs, grown and harvested in Northern Europe. We trade Pine logs in a diversity of lengths, diameters and quality grades, which are used in a diversity of industries, including construction (buildings, infrastructure), packaging (pallets, crates, boxes), indoor elements. Also known as Scots Pine, European Pine and Common Pine, botanists refer to it by its scientific name, Pinus sylvestris. A tree native from Northern and Central Europe, it has been harvested for centuries for its polyvalent softwood.

Pine logs from Northern Europe

We source Pine logs in North and Northeast Europe, where Pine trees are native and grow slowly, reaching higher densities than Pine logs harvested in warmer regions. The Pine logs we trade are often over 100 years old, and their age is reflected in the structural quality of their wood: while the wood of Pine trees grown in warmer weather might have a density as low as 400 kg/m3, the wood of slow-growing Scots Pine trees reaches densities of over 700 kg/m3.

Together with the natural elasticity of softwoods, the superior density of Pine logs harvested in colder regions provides for wood that can be used in a wider variety of applications, and that resist the test of time. Because products made with slow-grown wood can have be considerably longer life, Nordic Pine provides for a particularly interesting benefit-cost ratio and better value for money.

Certified Pine logs

By carefully selecting our supply, we ensure our Pine logs are harvested according to the best practices and from sustainably managed forests. This allows us to deliver Pine logs certified by the governments of the regions where they are sourced, and with a completely traceable chain of custody.

Measuring the volume of Pine logs

Sasupra head offices are located in Vilnius, Lithuania, and in most cases we measure the volumes of our Pine logs following the LST System, also known as Lithuanian Standard and Baltic System. The LST System is the official standard adopted by the Lithuanian government in accordance to ISO norm 13059:2011, an official international norm for measuring and calculating the volumes of wood round logs, issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

In specific situations we are able to measure our Pine logs according to other reference systems, and this can be negotiated in a case-per-case basis. For example, some of our clients in China prefer to purchase Pine logs measured according to the Hubert System and the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS), and in most cases we are able to accommodate their needs. Our expertise, though, lies in the LTS System, and we prefer to use it in all possible cases because it provides us with consistency in our measurements.



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