Round logs: Pine, Spruce and much more.

Sasupra is a leading producer and trader of fresh round logs. We trade a range of wooden species, and currently our main focus is softwood round logs, especially Northern Hemisphere Pine logs (Pinus sylvestris) and Spruce logs (Picea abies). Our products are sourced from professionally managed forests and harvested according to the best environmental practices. By that we mean we trade logs produced from trees often over 100 years old, and sustainably harvested in strict respect of national legislation and scientific standards.

Round logs are the wooden axis of trees, also called trunks when they are intact. In planted forests designed for sustainable production, trees that reach certain specifications are harvested by professional foresters and have their branches removed (a process called limbing or chasing). The product of this process are round logs, a basic commodity and the main raw material for the manufacture of a multitude of goods.

Round logs play an important role in several industries. Our logs are used in the production of goods as diverse as paper, biofuels, packaging and pallet making, construction timber, furniture, veneers and flooring. Several characteristics determine the usage and price of round logs, especially their diameter, their length, their wood species and their quality grade.

Although we also trade hardwoods, in recent years we have concentrated on softwood round logs, including Northern Hemisphere Pine logs (Pinus sylvestris) and Spruce logs (Picea abies). Pine and Spruce are conifer trees that grow in a variety of regions of the globe, and while they grow much quicker in tropical and temperate regions, they grow much stronger in colder regions. In other words, the density of Nordic Pine and Spruce wood is much superior. This can be detected by the thickness of the growth rings seen on the sides of round logs: our Pine and Spruce logs have much thiner growth rings, a sign of much denser and therefore stronger wood.

We source our round logs in a variety of locations, in order to provide our clients with reliable supply and a wider choice of products. Most of our round logs are produced and dispatched from North and Northeast Europe, especially Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia. Pine, Spruce and hardwood logs are usually loaded in intermodal containers (also called shipping and cargo containers), and, depending on their sizes and quantities, those containers can be delivered by road, sea or rail. We ship round logs to clients all over the globe, mostly in Western Europe and Asia.

Pine and Spruce

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Pine logs

Also known as Scots Pine, European Pine and Common Pine, botanists refer to it by its scientific name, Pinus sylvestris. A tree native from Northern and Central Europe, it has been harvested for centuries for its polyvalent softwood.


Spruce logs

Also known as Norway Spruce, German Spruce and European Picea, in the botanical and scientific worlds it goes by the name of Picea abies. A tree native from Northern and Central Europe, it has been harvested for centuries for the excellent qualities of its wood.




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