Sustainability is at the core of our work. Because trees collect carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their trunks, wood has a very low footprint as a packaging and construction material. In fact, wood is the only renewable construction material widely available, and probably the oldest one. If correctly disposed at the end of its life cycle, wood is easily degradable and slowly restores carbon to the soil.

Because deforestation is largely stimulated by demand, the output of sustainably managed forests play an important role in reducing the demand for illegally logged wood. By supplying a variety of markets with logs and timber responsibly sourced and with a fully traceable chain of custody, Sasupra promotes social and economic growth while keeping forests intact all over the world.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, and all our products are certified either by a national government or by a credible third party organization. We also carefully select the other materials and equipment we use, in order to ensure their compliance with local legislations and standards.

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Sasupra produces and trades a range of biofuels, made from mixed hardwoods and softwoods and with varied energy potentials.

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Sasupra produces stakes and posts made of quality softwoods, which are used in gardening and fencing.

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We are a leading producer and trader of sawn timber and lumber, cut to size and finished or semi-finished for a range of purposes.

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Sasupra is a leading producer and trader of fresh round logs from a range of wooden species, especially Northern Hemisphere Pine logs and Spruce logs.

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