Timber / Lumber

We are a leading producer and trader of sawn timber and lumber, cut to size and finished or semi-finished for a range of purposes. In order to meet the requirements of different industries and clients, we supply timber from a variety of wood species (usually Pine, Spruce, Alder, Aspen and Birch), quality grades (I to III), sizes (from thin boards and panels to square logs), treatments (fresh cut, heat treated/kiln dried, anti-stain, impregnated) and finishings (rough saw, planed, chamfered, etc).

A variety of softwoods and hardwoods

We trade timber from a variety of wood species, which are used for different purposes in different industries. In order to provide our clients with economically-efficient solutions, we supply timber consisting of individual or grouped species (mixes):

  • Softwood mix (Pine/Spruce) – used especially in construction.
  • White wood mix (Pine/Spruce/Aspen) – used in packaging and pallet making.
  • Baltic mix (Pine/Spruce/Aspen/Alder) – used in packaging and pallet making.

The main individual wood species we supply are:
– Nordic Pine, also known as Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris): used in construction, packaging (pallets, crates, boxes), fencing and flooring.
– Norway Spruce, also known as European Picea (Picea abies): used in construction, packaging (pallets, crates, boxes), musical instruments and soundboards, indoor elements, decorative and utility objects.
– European Aspen, also known as White Aspen (Populus tremula): used in packaging (pallets, crates, boxes), plywood, indoor elements.
– Western Alder, also known as Red Alder (Alnus rubra): used in packaging (pallets, crates, boxes), plywood, furniture, musical instruments and soundboards.
– European Beech (Fagus sylvatica): used in flooring, dockyards (ship/boat building and repairing), furniture, plywood, musical instruments and soundboards.
– Silver Birch (Betula pendula): used in packaging (pallets, crates, boxes), indoor elements, decorative and utility objects.
– European Ash, also known as Common Ash (Fraxinus excelsior): used in flooring, packaging (crates, boxes), decorative and utility objects.
– Oak (several species, including English Oak/Quercus robur, Sessile Oak/Quercus petraea): used in furniture, dockyards (ship/boat building and repairing), flooring, packaging (barrels), decorative and utility objects.

Timber cut to size and with multiple finishes

We are capable of producing a wide variety of sizes of timber, from thin boards and planks to solid beams and square logs. As for the type and quality/grade of the wood, the sizes of the timber we produce are determined according to their use.

Many of our products are cut to size according to our client’s specifications, and for the same reason they often they receive a second finish:
– Natural edge boards: used in furniture and in interior and exterior decorative elements.
– Rough sawn timber: used in battens, planks, beams, squared timber, wedge/gutter boards, naval construction and ship making, packaging and pallet boards.
– Planed square edge timber (PSE): frameworks, mouldings.
– Solid wood panels: used in furniture, counter tops, table tops, panels, decorative elements.
– Structural timber: used in solid wooden structures, pallet blocks.

And according to their use and to our client’s requirements, we also apply specific treatments to our products, in order to increase their longevity and resistance to natural processes:

  • Hot treatment / kind drying: reduces the amount of water in the wood, increasing its resistance to mould and stains.
  • Anti-stain treatment: prevents blue and black stains, especially in Pine.
  • Impregnation: saturates the wood with chemical agents, in order to provide it with specific qualities (e.g. resistance to water damage and natural decay).



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